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Adam Rod

Executive Generalist Recruiter

After many years in Senior Operation roles, Adam made a career change to help others advance their careers. As an Executive recruiter, he is in a key position to help guide people with life changing opportunities. Adam’s experience as a previous COO, gives great insight to place the right candidates with the right positions; especially within C Suite and Senior roles. In Adam’s words “Being able to utilize my experience and advance candidates' careers is exceptionally gratifying and rewarding!"

Bayla Bukiet

Executive Healthcare Recruiter 

Bayla originally from Massachusetts, majored in Psychology in College before joining us here at Teams NYC. One of Bayla's personal and professional goals is to help individuals. Recruiting has proven to be a blend of her skills as well as interest in really speaking with people, getting to know and understand them as individuals. Bayla is fascinated to learn people’s background and their aspirations. Dedicated to working with Doctors and Nurse Practitioners nationwide, she really understands quality care. In Bayla’s words” There is really no better feeling than placing a candidate at a position and it being a perfect match!"

Faiga Marrus

Office Coordinator

Faiga Marrus has been a valued team member since 2021. Faiga serves as our marketing coordinator, overseeing social media content, website development, and communications. Faiga has a background in social media, marketing, billing and customer service. Faiga is one of the first points of contact with clients, and assists in coordinating recruiters' and clients’ responses. Faiga is fast paced and a multi- tasker, and she brings her strong organizational skills and work ethic to the Teams NYC's family. Faiga works alongside our recruiters supporting them as they support you!

Batsheva Berkovitz

Executive Healthcare Recruiter

Our newest team and family member is Batsheva. Batsheva has a background in interior design, event management and coordination. She began her career in her hometown of Sydney, Australia and now brings her creative & out of the box thinking to Teams NYC. She is detail oriented, exceptionally personable and uses her leadership skills when connecting with Executive healthcare candidates & leaders. She enjoys learning more about the rewards and challenges the Nursing Home industry experiences while speaking to Healthcare clients and candidates.

Tanya Markel

Generalist Recruiter

Tanya made the move to New York from Pittsburgh, PA. Tanya was "out of town", young and ambitious for new opportunities and curious about the opportunities the Big Apple had to offer. She received an amazing opportunity with Teams NYC, and since 2019 Tanya has the ability to help others explore career options. As a phenomenal recruiter, she is an excellent match-maker. Tanya works with many of our New York or New Jersey clients and strives to create long lasting relationships between employees and employers. Whether you have no professional work experience, just graduated with your Accounting degree or would like to explore your next career opportunities, Tanya invites you to connect that she can help you find your perfect job match! In Tanya’s words ” Finding the perfect match is the best and most fulfilling part of my job!”

Chaya Rabin

Executive Healthcare Recruiter

SInce 2019, Chaya began her career with Teams NYC working from our NY headquarters and recently moved to Australia. Chaya continues to work remotely with us from across the world! Chaya is one of our Senior Healthcare Recruiters and specializes in making executive level placements within the Healthcare field such as Licensed Nursing Home Administrators, Directors of Nursing and Directors of Social Work. She enjoys getting to know her clients and candidates on both a personal and professional level and prioritizes maintaining the rapport and relationship.In Chaya's words, "I never anticipated loving recruiting as much as I do and I'm proud to be part of an incredible, strong, hardworking, and dedicated team."

Mushki Friedman

CEO/Director of Recruitment

Just like her name, Mushki has been a memorable and enthusiastic member of  the professional world. Mushki feels blessed to have found her passion of Recruiting and honored to have assisted 1000s of individuals in new roles.  She began her career with no prior knowledge of the recruiting realm as a Headhunter & Recruiter for a staffing agency. Since she was young her family used to comment on how she can always be found speaking to different people about their backgrounds,hobbies and aspirations.

Mushki has over 13 years experience in Human Resources Management therefore, she can relate to both Employers' and Candidates' challenges & struggles within the workplace.

In 2017, while juggling a young family & her career, Mushki finalized her plan to start Teams NYC. She understood that candidates and employers needed a personal approach when looking for a new opportunity. She knew there was a need for businesses to have partners to support their growing businesses and created the business name "Teams NYC" which speaks to Teams NYC's vision of teaming up to create a collaborative experience.

Mushki is proud and honored that she and her team are active partners with many companies in diverse industries. Mushki encourages her team to get to know individuals both professionally and personally. While it might be more challenging, Mushki chose to create a Recruiting Firm that helps and hires for all levels of positions since she is firm believer that everyone, in all job positions, holds equal importance in ultimate success.

Jason Roy

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